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Science Matters, formally "Building a Presence (BaP)" for Science is an electronic network that disseminates information among teachers of science in New York State. 

It provides K-16 teachers with information about professional development opportunities and science teaching resources, thereby having a positive impact on the quality of science education.

In New York State, STANYS implements the Science Matters program through:

  • Three State Coordinators (Nancy Ridenour, Douglas Reynolds, and Rodney Doran)
  • Super Key Leaders
  • Key Leaders
  • PoCs (Points of Contacts) organized within STANYS Sections. Ideally each school building would have a PoC. 
The program is growing in New York and we encourage you to participate.  It is important for each school in the state to have one or more points of contact so all teachers will have equal access to important information.

To be a PoC for your building sign up at: Science Matters PoC

Initiated by NSTA in partnership with state-based education organizations, and initially funded by Exxon Mobil Foundation, the Science Matters program is a growing national network. A cadre of educators serves as Key Leaders (KL) and Points of Contact (PoC) for each state. Their responsibility is to share information, received from the Science Matters Network, with the colleagues in their schools or district.

Read more at about the NSTA Science Matters program at www.nsta.org/sciencematters.

PoCs are vitalto the success of the Science Matters Network!

from Nancy Ridenour, NYS Coordinator for Science Matters
As many of you know, Science Matters is an electronic network (email) that originated through a grant from NSTA to STANYS. We have been providing professional development and grant updates for over ten years. The purpose of the initiative was to reduce isolation for teachers and to provide them with timely information.

This electronic network is not the same as the Oneonta List serve, in that it is a one way means of communication. I post items that are sent to me for distribution.

This network can be very useful to STANYS sections. Just send me information about workshops, meetings, etc. and I can direct that information just to your section and not all over the state. I can send by section and by demographics.

There are more than 6,000 schools in this state and we have 2059 Points of Contact. We would really like to have each school represented with a Point of Contact, so please consider signing up. It does not take a lot of time and the only expectation is for you to receive the e-mail announcements and to share them with your colleagues. The success of this network requires all buildings and all teachers to be represented. 

Signing up as a PoC

The following directions will assist you to sign up.

Go to http://bap.nsta.org

On the left side of the opening page, click on “Become a Point of Contact”.

Step 1: Select State; from the menu, select "New York"

Step 2: Enter only your school's Zip in the first box (no other info in other boxes) & click "Find Schools";

Step 3: Look just below “Find Schools” for the listing of all schools with that ZIP, & click on your school’s name. (If your school’s name does not appear, send a message to Nancy Ridenour (nridenour@twcny.rr.com) with the school’s official name, address, and ZIP. It will then be added to the list of schools with that ZIP);

Step 4:

  • Complete template of first page about General Info. & Click "Next"
  • Complete template on second page about Demographics. Under Demographics for Grades and for Subjects (see Note)
  • When completed, click on “Submit”.


If you are representing all the teachers of science in your building, be sure to include all the grades, and all science subjects for teachers whom you are representing, not just what you teach.

If you are representing a subset of teachers in your building, be sure to include just those grades and subjects of teachers you represent, not just what you teach.

If you are representing just yourself, include just the grade(s) and subject(s) that you teach.

“Science Matters” for Retirees

Several years ago, we established a “school” for retirees so retirees could continue to receive the messages from Science Matters. At present, we can have any number of PoC’s per school, so all retirees can join the DAL Academy-Retirees.

Below are directions on how to do it. Please distribute this information to all the retirees you know.

Go to http://bap.nsta.org

On the left side of the opening page, click on “Become a Point of Contact”;

Step 1: Select State, from the menu, select "New York";

Step 2: Enter: DAL Academy – Retirees ….for the school

Step 3: Complete template of first page about General Info. & click "Next"

Step 4: Complete template on second page about Demographics. Under Demographics for Grades and for Subjects include whatever demographic information you would like to receive.

Step 5: When completed, click on “Submit”.

If you have any questions, contact me. Nancy Ridenour (nridenour@twcny.rr.com).

Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121

Contact: webmaster@stanys.org

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