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STANYS recognizes excellence in teaching and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to STANYS and to science education.  

Awards are presented in November of each year at our STANYS Annual Conference.

The deadline for Nominations is May 15 of the next Annual Conference year and the Submission of Applications deadline date is July 15 of the next Annual Conference year.

Winners are recognized at our Annual Conference to be held November 3-6, 2023 in Syracuse, NY

Award Process:

NOMINATION: A Nomination form must be filled out and submitted for approval.  

There are two ways to submit a nomination form:

Once the nomination has been accepted by the committee the next step depends upon the type of award.

There are two types of awards.  

  • Awards for which, after nomination approval, the nominee must file specific paperwork such as: application, letters of recommendation, an essay.  The "paperwork" requirements are listed on the web page for the specific award.
  • Awards that require nomination approval only.  These awards are granted based upon merit as recognized by STANYS Leadership. 


  1. A Nomination Form is submitted.  - We would appreciate your sharing with us who you are and who you would like to nominate for an award.  We need this information whether you are nominating someone else or if you would like to be considered for an award.  You may nominate yourself.

  2. Upon approval of the nomination, the nominee will be contacted by STANYS to inform her/him of the nomination and of the process.  This will also provide a contact person for the individual should they have questions or need assistance.  Most of the guidelines and applications are available on-line on the web page(s) related to each award.

  3. Nominee or their representative submits "paperwork" if required for the award.

  4. Once the required documentation (applications, letters, ...) becomes available to the committee, decisions will be made as to the qualifications of the individual to receive the award. The committee will contact the individual with the results of the process.



This award is the the highest honor that is bestowed upon a member. Fellows have served with distinction in the classroom and professional organizations. Their leadership and scholarly endeavors in science education are noteworthy.

Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching - Anton Banko Award

The Anton Banko Award recognizes a K - 6 educator who is an outstanding teacher of science. The award covers expenses (up to $1500) to attend the STANYS annual conference and provides a $1500 stipend to be used at the teacher's discretion. The award is presented at the STANYS conference in November.

Fellows New Teacher Conference Award

Recognizes the future promise of a new teacher.

STANYS Excellence in Teaching Award

Honors an intermediate or high school teacher who demonstrates excellence in science teaching and is involved in professional activities.

STANYS Foundation 

Provides funds (up to $500) for PreK-16 classroom teachers who are STANYS members for 3 consecutive years to support legitimate science enrichment opportunities for teachers and students

Champion of Teacher Development Award

The Champion of Teacher Development Award honors building or school district administrators who promote continued professional learning of science teachers.  This award is open to educators with responsibilities for supervising teachers of science at any grade level.


STANYS Award of Appreciation

Awarded to those individuals who have given outstanding service to STANYS.

STANYS Executive Committee Award

Given to a non-member, or entity, who has made exceptional contributions to STANYS, or science
education. Through their actions and support, they have contributed significantly to our mission of
promoting excellence in science education for all students in New York State.

Membership Challenge Award

Awarded to the Sections of STANYS that have the greatest increase in total membership and the greatest percentage increase.

STANYS Service Award

Presented to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to science.

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