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A School Science System Assessment White Paper

Assessments and the NYSSLS 

NYS Educators Think Out Loud and Speak Out Loud!!

“A School Science Assessment System to Enhance Learning:
A White Paper with Recommendations for NYS”

A white paper has been developed to help support the design of an assessment system that better serves both our science students and the people who teach them about the many wonders of the natural world. 

People just like you and me!

The recommendations in this white paper were developed by 
27 science education leaders* 
at a Statewide Science Education Summit held in August 2018.  

* Representatives of the  organizations that comprise the New York State Science Education Consortium. Although not involved in the construction of the white paper, NYSED values the opinions of the consortium .

 A white paper documents a critical look at a significant topic; in this case, school science assessment in our state. This white paper provides important recommendations for our state, regional, and local educational agencies as they begin to develop three-dimensional assessments that show fidelity to the NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards (NYSP-12SLS), adopted by the Board of Regents in December 2016.

IT IS ESSENTIAL that YOU, as a teacher of science in NYS, read the white paper in its entirety since contexts and rationales have been provided for the important recommendations being made. 

A School Science Assessment System White Paper

 As you read the document, you will note that the paper:

  • Discusses the purposes of a NYS Science Assessment System that contains both state-level and classroom-based three-dimensional science assessments and makes priority recommendations to help ensure that these assessments are valid and reliable and show fidelity to the new state science learning standards.

  • Describes the specific processes that must be undertaken by state, regional, and local education agencies to help ensure that the new state science assessments are equitable, accurate, and meaningful measurements of students’ achievement of the NYSP-12SLS.

  • Recommends reasonable and practical timelines for the development, field testing, and administration of the new state science assessments in grade 5, grade 8, and in each of the high school science subjects: Earth and Space Sciences, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Discusses the purpose of and recommendations for the development and use of classroom-based science assessments that are three-dimensional, enhance science teaching and learning, and support student achievement on state-level assessments.

You will also see that key concerns related to science teacher evaluation, professional development, materials support, and administrative support are addressed in the paper.

From STANYS President Lisa Brosnick:

"As President of STANYS, I encourage you to read and study the white paper and convey your questions, ideas, and concerns to your STANYS sectional and state leaders.... If, after reading the white paper, you believe that it provides a clear and compelling vision of what needs to change in how we assess student learning in science, please share the paper with your colleagues, school administrators, parents, community leaders and others who have a stake in science education reform."



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