Science Congress

NYS Science Congress Informational Guidelines for Students and Teachers

Scheduled Date - Saturday JUNE 3, 2017




Link to Program PDF and Results PDF


 The State Science Congress has a junior and a senior division. Students may work alone or in a team of up to three participants.


(1) Chosen from a Regional Science Congress

(2) If there is no Regional Science Congress in the student’s area, he or she may be sponsored by a local public or private school.
Direct entry sponsored student research must be sent to the State Director by March 31st of the year of the competition. The State Science Congress Committee will make the final decision as to whether the student can compete. All rules and regulations must be followed. Check the STANYS website ( for the nearest Science Congress and to download all forms.

TEACHER AND ADULT SPONSORS: Every student must have a teacher sponsor in the school where he/she is enrolled. Parents/guardians, friends, or any other adult mentor cannot sponsor the student to our fair. HOWEVER, any qualified adult may act as a research mentor for the student. This adult sponsor is the person who is directly involved with the student and his/her research and may be a parent. The adult sponsor is responsible for the safety of the student at all times.

STANYS SCIENCE CONGRESS SECTION APPROVAL FORM: All participants must submit the official science congress approval form. The safety of the student investigator and human subjects must be carefully monitored by the adult sponsor.


STUDENTS MUST DO ALL WORK: Sponsors may help in planning and advising, but parents, teachers, or friends may not actually design, conduct or build the project. Abuses of this rule will result in disqualification. All students are expected to be able to answer questions regarding the design and development of every phase of their projects. All portions of the abstract and research paper must be the original work of the student.

DISPLAYS OR COLLECTIONS: Borrowed or purchased displays or collections are not permitted. All collections must bear a label describing how, where, and when they were assembled and must be protected by safety glass or screen.

EXHIBITS: Aquariums, live plants, or live animals are not acceptable. Storyboards displaying research results must be anchored on a self-contained, free-standing storyboard (supplied by the student).
The maximum size of the storyboard will be 3 feet x 4 feet.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs pertaining to the project are encouraged!

PRESENTATION FORMAT: The State Science Congress will be a poster format.  Students must have a free-standing storyboard of their project for the judges to review. Each student will be given time to present to judges and judges will have an opportunity to ask questions.  The student’s name should appear on all materials, but the names of schools, research institutions, or sponsors/mentors should not appear anywhere on the materials or in presentations. Acknowledgements or thank you messages should not be included in presentations.

JUDGING: All judges will be college or university professors, science teachers, and scientists. They will use a scoring rubric as a guide. A copy of the scoring guide is available online at

STANDARDS: The planning committee of the State Science Congress reserves the right to disqualify any exhibit on the day of the competition for work that is unsuitable in subject matter or treatment, that is potentially dangerous, or that violates any rules of the fair. Projects that lack any of the necessary paperwork or required signatures will be disqualified!

RESPONSIBILITY: STANYS and the hosting organization, though taking reasonable precautions in protecting projects, will not be responsible for broken or missing project parts. Student researchers should ensure that their name is on all aspects of their project.

REMOVAL OF PROJECTS: All projects must be removed promptly after the public viewing time.

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