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Presenter/Workshop Proposals


One of the hallmarks of the STANYS annual conference in Rochester is excellent professional development that excites educators in all settings, P-16. We welcome your considering submitting a proposal for our conference, November 3-5, 2018.

For this year, we are especially looking for proposals that address: 

  • Lessons that incorporate the 3 dimensions of the new NYS P-12 SLS (Science Learning Standards): Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross-cutting Concepts 
  • Using science phenomena to drive classroom instruction
  • Meeting the needs of ALL students in the classroom especially ELL’s

Submissions open March 19 and close May 15, however there will be limited time slots available, so we suggest you submit your proposal as soon as possible.  Presenters will be notified that their workshop has been accepted in early July.

Please note: 
If you are a SAR and your workshop is part of a designated Institute, your proposal MUST be submitted through your DAL. 

All presenters MUST register for the conference or purchase booth space.

See Safety Guidelines listed below.

NYS State Education Department Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Credits

STANYS has been approved by NYSSED as a CTLE provider.  It is STANYS’ goal to have workshops that meet NYSED CTLE requirements. Since most of our attendees are looking to receive CTLE credit and make their workshop choices based on this designation, it is strongly recommended that you read the CTLE guidelines as you develop and write your workshop proposal.  

Please read the guidelines here:

Your workshop should focus on one or more of the following:

  • Science Content
  • Pedagogy
  • Meeting the needs of English Language Learners

Although it is unlikely that in a 50 minute workshop you could cover ALL the CTLE criteria listed below, it will help if your workshop description makes reference to, or uses their language. You should refer to the criteria during the workshop, or provide resources via handouts, or the google docs folder which will be made available to conference attendees.    

CTLE Criteria

Please read the safety guidelines:

Safety Guidelines

1. Presenters, exhibitors, and keynote speakers should seek permission from STANYS for open flames or other potentially dangerous or hazardous demonstrations.

2. All local safety laws should be enforced by STANYS at their Annual Conference and at Section meetings, conferences, and workshops.

3. The STANYS Safety Committee incorporates the above safety provisions in the materials give to presenters and exhibitors.


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