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    • 21 Apr 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom - Online

    "SPRING SESSION" of STANYS Professional Learning!

    Presenter: Christina Conciatori  [Bronx/Westchester Section]

    This workshop will feature several teachers who have started implementing NYSSLS in their curriculum and will share how they made the changes. We welcome others who also want to share.


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Past events

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16 Mar 2021 NYC Section STANYS Virtual Event: Middle School Science
15 Mar 2021 Making a Digital Card Sort Using Google Slides
23 Feb 2021 STANYS NYC Section Virtual Event: Dazzling Discoveries
17 Feb 2021 Flippity Fun
16 Feb 2021 Challenges and Opportunities for Aquaculture: Pre-registration Required
10 Feb 2021 The Genetics and Bioethics of Opioid Addiction and Treatment
09 Feb 2021 Amplify @ Home: Teaching New Standards in the New Normal (6-8)
08 Feb 2021 Amplify @ Home: Teaching New Standards in the New Normal (K-5)
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03 Feb 2021 Teaching CRISPR-Cas9 in the Virtual Setting
03 Feb 2021 Making the Science and Engineering Practices Accessible for ALL Learner
02 Feb 2021 Bringing Real-World Phenomena into Your Middle School Lessons
30 Jan 2021 Tech Bytes! - Increase Your Hybrid and Distance Learning Toolbox
30 Jan 2021 Using Digital Interactive Notebooks as a Formative Assessment Tool in Chemistry
30 Jan 2021 Investigating Embryology (Evolution for NGSS)
30 Jan 2021 Navigating Assessments During COVID-19
28 Jan 2021 Teaching Science with Simulations
27 Jan 2021 Universal Access and Equity to Phenomena for All
26 Jan 2021 Middle School Data Collection and Smart Water System
25 Jan 2021 Zombie Apocalypse and Body of Evidence
20 Jan 2021 Google Drive Organization
20 Jan 2021 Equity in the STEM Classroom
12 Jan 2021 Postponed - EnLIGHTening Student Scientists with Synchrotrons
17 Dec 2020 Together, Separately… Earth Science Peaks, Pits, and Updates
14 Dec 2020 Virtual Modeling and Project-Based Learning Using CoSpaces
10 Dec 2020 Share-a-thon: Pandemic Teaching
09 Dec 2020 Happy Hour with the Special Education/ELL Committee
09 Dec 2020 Teaching an Argument-Based Living Environment Extension Lesson Through a Case Study Approach
08 Dec 2020 STEP-UP Careers
07 Dec 2020 Molecular Modeling in the Virtual Biology Class
03 Dec 2020 Farming for the Future: Engineering and Computer Science Meet Agriculture
02 Dec 2020 EnLIGHTening Student Scientists with Synchrotrons
01 Dec 2020 The LE and ES Triangle Challenge Is Back… And Virtual
19 Nov 2020 A COVID-19 Update for Educators
17 Nov 2020 NYC Virtual Event with New Visions
10 Nov 2020 Digital Tools and Labs for Hybrid and Virtual Classrooms
07 Nov 2020 Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony
05 Nov 2020 Introduction to Project Atmosphere: Station Models Virtually
04 Nov 2020 Using Google Forms to Create Virtual or Mini-Scale Labs As An Option for Hybrid Instruction
29 Oct 2020 Mass Extinctions and Biodiversity Explosions: Show Me Your Evidence!
28 Oct 2020 Amplify @ Home: Teaching New Standards in the New Normal
26 Oct 2020 Navigating Assessments During COVID-19
22 Oct 2020 Cheers: STANYS Learning Lab
21 Oct 2020 Encouraging Student Exploration with Google Earth (Novice Level)
20 Oct 2020 Tour of Remote Ready Chemistry Resources
19 Oct 2020 Using Digital Interactive Notebooks as a Formative Assessment Tool in Chemistry

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