NYS Education Department Letter of Support

July 2018

Dear Science Educators,

The 123rd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Science Teachers Association of New York State

will be held in Rochester, New York, November 2 - 5, 2018. With this year’s theme of “Science in Action,”

the STANYS Conference will offer workshops in all science subjects focused on the three dimensional

teaching and learning implicit in the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards. This year, attendees

can participate in lesson studies where teachers can have in depth, professional conversations about the

effectiveness of a three dimensional lesson and work collaboratively on improvement. This opportunity will

provide teachers with the ability to see 3D science in action. Continuing on the work from last year, this

year’s conference will again offer half day intensive Institutes for Elementary, Intermediate, Earth Science,

Biology/Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics/Applied Sciences teachers led by STANYS subject

representatives. Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the new Standards,

explore resources, lessons and aspects of 3D teaching in the classroom and share strategies to meet the needs

of all students in science. On Monday November 5th, Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science will be returning

to offer another deep dive into tools and methods for developing NYSP-12SLS curriculum in a special day-

long session.

The 2018 keynote speaker is Dr. Shaundra Daily, Associate Professor at Duke University. Prof. Daily is

keenly interested in expanding STEM opportunities through nontraditional contexts. The Fellows speaker is

Dr. Beau Lotto, renowned neuroscientist and CEO and founder of Lab of Misfits. Dr. Lotto has spoken at the

G8 on innovation, has been featured in many television programs and is one of the few who has given two

mainstage TED talks. Dr. Lotto’s aim is to use the principles of perception to enable people to see


The four invited speakers will address exciting and current topics in the news. Dr. Heidi Kretser brings

science into our backyard as she presents a workshop on wildlife management in NYS. Dr. Jonathan Garlick

will present a workshop on Civic Science where participants will learn how cross cutting concepts can bridge

science, engineering and civics. Dr. Lee Murray presents a workshop on monitoring air quality and climate

change. Dr. Omer Gokcumen will share insights from his award winning studies on what makes us human

using insights from genomic technologies.

The conference is also very excited to welcome three NSTA authors who will participate in a panel

discussion as well as present individual workshops. Victor Sampson is the lead author on the popular

Argument-Driven Inquiry series. Tricia Shelton is a contributor to Preparing Teachers for Three-

Dimensional Instruction and sought after presenter. Jackie Speake, is the co-author of Designing Meaningful

STEM Lessons a new release from NSTA which is very well received in the field.

The New York State Education Department welcomes this opportunity to join with STANYS in support of

their mission to promote excellence in science education and to provide opportunities for all students to

participate in and learn science. We appreciate STANYS’ ongoing efforts to raise standards and student

achievement in science and encourage all teachers and administrators with an interest in enhancing science

education to take this opportunity to attend this conference. It is through continual support of high level

professional growth that highly effective teaching becomes the mainstay and norm in our schools.

Please consult the STANYS website, www.stanys.org, for additional conference registration information and

the benefits of becoming a member of your New York State professional science teachers association.

Contact information:
P.O. Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089


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