How do I communicate with retirees about participating in PD?

26 Jun 2018 8:06 AM | Kathaleen R. Burke


Of the many retirees in NYS, how do I find those who want to participate in NYSSLS implementation by training to do PD ? I want to meet you in November! Let's start talking now. - John Cunningham

Dear John, 

Thank you for asking a question that is timely as well as timeless.  When I first became the Retiree DAL I made recruitment of more retirees one of my main goals.  I have managed to get SARs in almost all STANYS sections but I’m not sure if that is a result of my constant requests or changes in leadership at the Section level.  Two years ago I realized that many of our leaders in STANYS are retirees and I counted the number of Executive Board members as well as Directors and realized we are a major support group for the organization.  I also found out from a survey that we conducted during the Conference Luncheon that many retirees volunteer extensively outside of the field of science.

So, given that context, I have two main responses to your question.  I invite comments from members and especially hope that the Retiree SARs will comment on the website.

My first response is cautionary.  Casting a wide net is not necessarily going to bring you retirees that have the necessary knowledge and/or experience to train on NYSSLS.  I suggest we concentrate on people who “show up”. Group emails have not resulted in volunteers, but I have a list of current retirees emails that I could share with the Retiree SARs and possibly use  to contact people individually about their interests.

My second response is the STANYS Leadership is actively involved in implementation efforts at the state level and recently shared the NYS Roadmap with us. I suggest we invite a member of the STANYS Leadership Team to present an update and opportunities for us at our Luncheon during the November Conference.  We could also make recruitment of volunteers the theme of the DAL/SAR Retiree Table in the Convention Center.

A recurrent theme for the retirees has been “Sharing the Wealth”.  Retirees are a vast and deep resource for science education.  Finding ways to match the people to the projects is an ongoing effort and one we can continue to work on.

Please comment on the suggestions and keep the conversation going. 

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