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STANYS is now accepting Presenter Proposals for the Annual Conference

Presenter Proposals
for Conference Workshops

November 5 - 7th 2021

The STANYS Leadership is planning our Annual Conference for 2021 with current plans being
an In-person event with a Virtual Option.

The Conference will be held in Rochester, NY at the Riverside Conference Center.

The Conference will take place November 6 & 7th (Saturday & Sunday)
with the BOD Meeting and Pre-Conference events on November 5th (Friday)

Sharing the Stories of Science: What Are Storylines

A storyline is a coherent sequence of lessons, in which each step is driven by students' questions that arise from their interactions with phenomena.

A student's goal should always be to explain a phenomenon or solve a problem. At each step, students make progress on the classroom's questions through science and engineering practices, to figure out a piece of a science idea.

Each piece they figure out adds to the developing explanation, model, or designed solution.

Each step may also generate questions that lead to the next step in the storyline. Together, what students figure out helps explain the unit's phenomena or solve the problems they have identified.

Storylines provide a coherent path toward building disciplinary core idea and crosscutting concepts, piece by piece, anchored in students' own questions.


Alan Seidman, Annual Conference Chair 

Glen Cochrane, Assistant Conference Chair
Donna Banek,  Conference Secretary
Brian Vorwald, Conference Treasurer

Contact information:
P.O. Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089


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