"Science in Action" with Paul Andersen 

Don’t miss this incredible professional development opportunity to join us for a full day institute with Paul Andersen Monday, November 5th, at the STANYS Annual Conference. 

 Attendance will be limited in number and to those registered for the Full Conference. This special offering, “Science in Action”, will run 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM and includes lunch for a fee of $75.00.

Registration for this special program is available to you using a separate P Andersen Registration form.

Participants will take away:

The focus of the workshop will be assessment and unit planning with the end goal of gaining a deeper understanding of 3 Dimensional teaching and learning.. Participants will gain valuable tools to assist in their transition to NYSSLS. Join like-minded teachers in the journey.

• Tools to engage students in the wonder of science.

• Understanding of the pedagogy involved in making the instructional shift to 3-D teaching and learning.

• Strategies to use the Science and Engineering Practices to drive instruction.

• Examples of formative and summative tasks to assess student understanding.

• Techniques and scaffolds to meet the needs of all students.

• Tools to implement three dimensional instruction in your classroom.

• An opportunity to collaborate with a working partnership.

Registration for this special program is available to you on the Conference Registration pages of our web site.  It is available to individuals that have registered for the 123rd Annual STANYS Conference using the "Full Conference" option. Space is limited so don’t miss this opportunity.  There is additional fee of $75 that includes lunch.


Paul Andersen is an award winning, internationally recognized educator with 20 years of classroom experience, an educational consultant and You Tube creator. 

 He is best known for the hundreds of You Tube science tutorials that have been viewed millions of times by students around the world (www.bozemanscience.com). 

Paul will be sharing his inspirational techniques as a professional development facilitator to help teachers move forward with the intent and a greater understanding of our new science standards.  

Contact information:
P.O. Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089


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