Science Matters (BaP) In New York State

Science Matters (BaP) In New York State

Science Matters (BaP) is an electronic network that disseminates information among teachers of science in New York State. It provides K-12 teachers with information about professional development opportunities and science teaching resources, thereby having a positive impact on the quality of science education.


Initiated by NSTA in partnership with state-based education organizations, and initially funded by Exxon Mobil Foundation, the Science Matters program is a growing national network. A cadre of educators serves as Key Leaders (KL) for each state. The Key Leaders select a Point of Contact (PoC) from each school building and coordinate the efforts of the PoCs. All of these educators are trained to use the electronic network and learn how to best share standards-based resource materials with their colleagues.


In New York State, STANYS implements the Science Matters program through Super Key Leaders, Key Leaders, and PoCs organized within STANYS Sections. A steering committee oversees development of the state program. The program is growing in New York and we encourage you to participate.


Contact and general information about the STANYS Science Matters program may be found on these pages:

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